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teacher: what's the most tragic story you've ever read?
student 1: romeo and juliet
student 2: the fault in our stars
me: tokyo ghoul


Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has stated that the team plans on showing FFXV more often, starting with Jump Festa in December and on Square Enix Presents in the near future. (source)

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really now


happy halloween. its fucking halloween every day from now until the end of october. happy fucking halloween

All you had to do was ask.



Here’s a list of the Gods and their Devil counterparts.

1. “Okay cool but who the hell is Liliya?”

2. “w ow okay but what happened to Justim & Vicers??”

It’s true that both of them are in a rivalry, but they’re somewhat special so they’re not counted.

Don’t bother speculating who’s a Devil and who’s not, by the way. There isn’t actually more than 6 Gods and Devils at the current moment: it’s just that there are infinite worlds and infinite possibilities, with some worlds having multiple Gods or some worlds being monotheistic, and some worlds just not having any Gods at all.

Edit: The name was confirmed to be Liliya.


Not exactly what he was expecting.

I kept thinking about this while I was drawing that other thing


"B-but…Hide…Hide w-will know th-that I’m…that I’m a…!"  expectation vs. reality.

"you’re a monster" / "all this time…you’ve had to suffer like this."